What's going on?

[ 25-10-2015 - 13:49:53 ]

Before ShowWallpaper was a page where ideas were climbing now, only the things that are in the first place are made, or if the number you have thematic DARK wallpaper, all make this theme.

Before, we were voting together, everyone returned to the stars who had voted him now, and nobody votes to one, now everyone wants to be elected and no wish to vote the work of others.

Such is the ambition to be in the first place?

Sorry, my english is bad.
I am supporting, Greetings from Uruguay!
Camila :)
[ 25-10-2015 - 21:57:49 ]

Ok , Amigo, I know you mad. I mad too. I'm understand what you thinking.
[ 01-11-2015 - 12:50:02 ]

Hello dear, let me tell you a story

Showwallpaper was a cool place but that was before they underwent some system maintainance.
The system maintainance include when they upgrade their server because of a mass upload of wallpaper so they need bigger server to keep all the data.

As in 2014, they upgrade the voting system too.
Before this, theres only COMMENT section, then they add the STAR section and my favourite would be SCORING section.
During 2012 till early 2014, commentators will ask for view back and vote back. Thats explain why they put the campaign ad.
But I doubt members here know how to use it.
Members here mostly students (from Thailand and Indonesia)- they are middle schooler that still practice with photoshop.

From my understanding, as long as your wallpaper got commented, viewed and stared, your wallpaper have a chance to be in TOP 50.
About top wallpaper, they only have TOP 50 until they revamp the server and suddenly it have TOP 900 !!! Thats freakin insane imo.
I hate this system because SCORING section system have NO USE!
Scoring is the most important, its like you give grade to wallpaper, but I'M SURE ONLY A FEW AWARE WITH THIS.

jover de castro
[ 01-11-2015 - 21:32:56 ]

Thats why Many Seniors member decided not to upload anymore.There are many wallpapers uploaded everyday.Each wallpaper wants to be on top and they keep uploading even its just a plain and simple creation.And these Seniors wallpaper is being out on the top cause it has only few votes because he/she is not so active in uploading and many newbies wallpaper will replace it.20011-2013 is a glorious days for showwallpaper.but now its Sucks!!!Really there is a Top 900+ wallpaper on the board..Wow before its only 50..Back to the days im so glad my wallpaper enter on 30th-40th place.I miss good old days
[ 28-12-2018 - 01:33:29 ]

i feel so sad and keep coming here~~
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